Sunset California

Sunset California

Sunset California (2016). Location somewhere in California (Cabrillo Highway). It’s a long exposure with 81 sec. Taken with Olympus Om-d E10 + Panasonic 9-18mm.


Happy Ride

Happy Ride (2016). By random that happy face end up to this photo. The photo is taken from San Francisco (downtown). Link back to DC: Here and Now. Equipment: Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7, settings: iso 100, f/7.1, 1/30sec

Street Art + San Francisco, Feb 2016 #2

Second and the last set about Street art from Sf….

Knot Figure

Some kind of knot figure…




Duplicate, Rotate, flip SF

Duplicate, Rotate, flip SF

Duplicate, Rotate, flip SF (2016). The original photo is shot from the hotel room where we stayed during our San Francisco visit. This kind of result you’ll get when you duplicate, rotate and flip the photo. Equipment: Olympus OM-d E10 + Panasonic 9-18mm. Settings: iso100, f/8, exposure 32sec


Street Art + San Francisco, Feb 2016 #1

Street art from San Francisco….


WPC: Rare

Surfers Escape

Surfers Escape (2016). This kind of photo is rare to me, cause so seldom I have opportunity to photograph surfers. The photo is from Miami Beach (Feb 2016). Link back WPC: Rare


Downtown Mini

Downtown Mini

Downtown Mini (2016). The photo is from last February, location: Miami Downtown. Tilt-shift effected made by Photoshop. The photo is taken with Olympus Om-d Em10 + Panasonic 9-18mm (11mm, iso100, f/7.1, 1/250s).

WPC: Fun!

A Tiny Guide

A Tiny Guide (2016). I like to take tilt-shift photos just for fun. It would be nice to try a real tilt-shift lens some day from Canon or Nikon, but these lens are so expensive. This photo is from Vallisaari (Helsinki, Aug 2016), it’s a beautiful island near Helsinki. Here is some info about Vallisaari. The photo is taken with Samsung Note 4, edited with Snapseed. Link back to WPC: Fun!

DC: Portraits

Some portraits, shot in natural light. Taken with Olympus Om-d 10 + Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 II.

Eelis_2015_Tammi (1 of 1)

Eelis (my nephew) January 2015.

Elina_2015_Istanbul (1 of 1)

Elina (my girlfirend) March 2015.

Jarno_2015_maaliskuu (1 of 1)

Jarno (my friend) March 2015.

Link back to Discover Challenges: Portraits

WPC: Morning

(Classic) Morning

(Classic) Morning (2016). The photo is from Tuesday morning (Sörnäinen metro station, Helsinki). It was nice to start day by hearing well played classical music. Taken with Samsung Note 4, edited with Lightroom. Link back to WPC: Morning

Wynwood, Miami, 9th Feb 2016 #4

My fourth set (and the last one) from Wynwood. Big thank you to all street artists in Wynwood and across the globe. Without you streets would be so much boring.