WPC: Wish

I wish we stop ignoring each other. The photo is from Istanbul, Turkey Link back to: Wish

WPC: Magic

This gallery is all about mind-blowing street art works or murals from Puerto de la Cruz (city in Tenerifa, Canary Islands, Spain). I photographed these murals during my holiday (Oct 2016). I didn’t expect to find any street art, so I was extremely surprised and happy when I discover these masterpieces. Link back to: Magic


WPC: Tiny

These photos are from Budapest (2012). Tilt-shift effect made with Photoshop. Link back to WPC Tiny







Splash (2016). It’s exciting to wait and see how big “splash” is coming when water hits to the rock.  The photo is taken  at Baker Beach (San Francisco). Equipment: Olympus Om-d Em10, Panasonic 9mm-18mm. Camera settings: 18mm, iso 320, f/5.6, 1/1250sec.

Details from Budapest #2

It gives me a great pleasure to find and photograph different kind of details. These photos are from Budapest (Sep 2012).  The first set you’ll find Here.

WPC: Transmogrify


Star trails above Teide (2016). My first step to astrophotography. With long exposure (this one 60 sec) shining stars transforms to star trails.  Location is Teide National Park in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). Equipment: Olympus om-d 10 and Panasonic  20mm f1.7. Settings: exp 60 sec, f/2.8, iso 250. Link Back to WPC: Transmogrify.

WPC: Shine


Shine (2016). The abstract version of my photo from Morro Bay (Feb 2016). Link back to WPC:Shine. Wiki link about Morro Bay.

Morro Rock


Morro Rock (2016). You can find this giant rock  from Morro bay (California). Morro Rock in Tripadvisor.

Street Art @Suvilahti, Helsinki (June 2016)

Once in a while I take a tour to Suvilahti, where you can find well-made street art. These six photos are from last June…

suvilahti-2016-1Suvilahti, June 2016 #1

suvilahti-2016-2Suvilahti, June 2016 #2

suvilahti-2016-3Suvilahti, June 2016#3

suvilahti-2016-4Suvilahti, June 2016 #4

suvilahti-2016-5Suvilahti, June 2016 #5 (my favorite)

suvilahti-2016-6Suvilahti, June 2016 #5


Tree Figure

Tree Figure

Tree Figure (2016). Shadows are fading away and light is leading our way.


WPC: Quest

I heard about about the abandoned factory in Kera (Espoo= City next to Helsinki) that is full of tags and graffities. Because I’m a big fan of street art, I made a little quest there. Link back to WPC: Quest

Knot Figure II


Knot Figure II (2016). At the moment, I’m excited to make figures like this one.